Three key goals for every company:

The results to be achieved for each engagement will be defined as part of the assessment phase. This requires a commitment from every key participant in the process. Once key personnel are defined and assigned they will be needed to perform necessary tasks for results to be achieved cost effectively.

All execution plans will include metricable and clearly defined results. Both Cogent Strategies and your organization will make specific contractual commitments as part of the execution phase. Our services will be billed in two parts, one for the services we perform and another for the results achieved. The services performed will be on a retainer billing basis while the balance of the fee is due when the committed to results are achieved – or if commitments by the organization are not kept per the execution portion of the plan.

We are in this together for the success of your company. Cogent Strategies takes your success seriously and we are intellectually and financially committed to your achievement of our collective goals.

To achieve improved results in your company, contact us.