American Made Product Listing

We are working on creating the most complete US made products site. The structure of the site exists. The task before us is to get the site fully populated. The purpose is simple, to make is as easy as possible for consumers and businesses to purchase American made products that put Americans to work and help the economy to grow. The project is being led by Charles Salzman. Activities include contacting companies in Colorado and around the country to list their information on the site from a variety of sources. If interested in helping please submit your contact information to Charles at

Funding of Colorado Education

The funding of Colorado Education is among the lowest in the nation. The recession and the corresponding pressure on revenue in Colorado has added further pressure on funding. Education is a core necessity of a prosperous economy and it is important for us to draw the line here. There is still more that our educational institutions in the state need to do to be more effective and efficient. However, that is made harder if we do not keep funding at current levels. We are in the exploratory stages of determining how do to this most effectively, so those involved with or passionate about the educational system may volunteer by contacting Asa Beck at The initial thought is to segregate educational funding from the general fund so that it is dedicated for that purpose. One potential way to do this is a constitutional amendment to allocate a portion of state revenue into a trust to be exclusively be used for K-12 and Higher education. If interested come help us to protect educational funding in Colorado.