The Process

1) Cogent will look for key information and documentation before the project starts – including financial statements and internal reports, organization charts, company literature, and other data that will speed the analysis of the company.

2) The current management and staff of your organization are the most knowledgeable concerning your customers, products, assets, shortcomings, and historical performance. Each project begins with gleaning this information from those who are already there making things happen every day.

3) The key points are summarized from the data you provide, our analysis, and discussions with your team. We then work to validate and enhance the information we have been provided. There needs to be objective verifiable information on which to base decisions and plans for moving the business forward.

4) In conjunction with these discussions we will evaluate the availability and accuracy of operations and financial information and the systems that provide it. To the extent the available data is good and timely it will be utilized in formulating the plan. Any significant deficiencies that are identified either require an alternative approach to be taken or the deficiency correction becomes part of the plan.

5) Together we will create a list of potential actions to be taken and prioritized. It is rare that all performance enhancing activities can be undertaken. It is almost always essential to focus on the highest impact priorities in order generate positive results in a reasonable period of time. This is frequently the hardest step because this is the genesis for driving change and frequently challenges, “the way it has always been done”.

6) Agree collectively on what to accomplish and by when. This is the critical juncture for ownership and management. Only with agreement can the overall project achieve success through common goals and objectives. The deliverable of this phase is a plan with measurable objectives, clear responsibilities and resources, and timelines with milestones and completion dates.

7) Execute on the plan. It is necessary to revisit the plan from time to time to assure that market conditions or additional information has not modified either the scope of what needs to be accomplished – or modified the overall priority of the deliverables. Meetings should be held no less frequently than weekly to measure progress and hold accountabilities. In a crisis situation a daily meeting may be necessary to stay on top of things.

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